Rustic Rag Wreath/Blue

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Rustic Rag Wreath:  A rustic, primitive ripped rag wreath. This beauty is approx. 18″ across and is designed in the subtle colors of , light blue, greens, off white, and a touch of burgundy. These rag wreaths look so great any where. Imagine displayed over the fireplace. How about as part of your kitchen, maybe in the coffee nook.

If you have a little princess a rag wreath will be a sweet addition to the door to her kingdom, or adorning her wall. The bathroom is also a great place to hang these wreaths. Wood signs may be added to say welcome, dream or anything you wish to say.

These wreaths are made from strips of material that have been ripped” or cut to a length. They are then tied to a round wreath form randomly or in a pattern. The way the strips are tied will give the overall look of the wreath. This is a method that can be found in our early history. They can be embellished with silk flowers or ribbons and bows to enhance the overall look.