Life is Better, In the garden.

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Life is Better, In the garden. The garden is where we go to find solitude. It is our sanctuary. We plants flowers, herbs, veggies and the like. We wait... we weed, the anticipation. What did I plants?  All these plants look the same. And then they start to differentiate themselves. Oh I remember, those are the chives (of course) , radishes here, the beets will take a while, but oh the leaves are so pretty! You know you spend hours in your garden, touching the plants, digging in the dirt is so really is our sanctuary.

Whether your garden id flowers or veggies or both, hanging one of these fun and lovely wood signs will just add to it!. Hang these signs on the garden fence or gate. Drive a stake in the ground and attached this sweet sign. This wood plaque will also grace a porch or patio.

Your wood sign is hand painted and comes ready to hang with Jute twine. If you would rather rusty coiled wire, just shoot me an email @

This rustic, country wood sign is approximately 15" x 5"