Garden Stepping Stone, funny

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Garden Stepping Stone: Have you ever been just sowing seeds and going about your merry way, sowing, watering, digging….and then the plants start coming up and you are like “what is that, it’s pretty, but who planted it?” Our answer most of the time is hmmm must have been the birds dropping seeds.

Let’s face it, we don’t always know what we’re doing in the garden, we really just want a riot of color and something to take care of. We just want a place that we can go to escape and putter. Breathe in the beauty and all that oxygen that give off. The bonus is… we have a surprise every time something starts to bloom!

These paver stones are made from cement and are approx. 7″ x 10″ x 2″ and weigh about 11 lbs. They are sprayed with a sealer for outdoor use and can be sealed year after year. There will be some fading as the sun just does that!