Garden of the Year Wood Sign

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You have the "Garden of the Year"

Garden of the Year: Do you think you have what it takes to have the garden of the year?  You know it doesn’t matter if you a a little 4″ x 2″ plot or the back 40….your garden is the best. It is like your child, you nurture, you water, you talk to it. You care about your garden, whether it be flowers, veggies or herbs. Hang this sign to the entrance of your garden. Hang it on the fence. hang it on the gate. Hang it on your “she shed”. If you container garden, hang it on the porch or patio. Plants, flowers, veggies and herbs grow better when they know they are loved.

This wood plaque may be customized, as in a name may be added… Marjoie’s Garden of the Year! The sign comes ready to hang with jute twine. This gardening sign may also be hung with coiled rusty wire.

This wood sign is painted in a light pink background with a dark green writing. A bit of white whimsy is added

The plaque is approximately fifteen inches by five inches.