Free Weeds: wood sign

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Ready to hang in your garden

Free Weeds: pull your own!  Weeding is not fun. This sign may help with this “chore” People love free things. Here is your chance for you to get your garden weeded with out having to do it yourself! You’re Welcome! I would love t take credit for this, but alas it is not my idea….. I just jumped on it.

Make sure to hang this in the entrance to your garden or in an entryway for all your guests to see. Now, we hope that most people will know which are weeds and which are not…. this might be the downside. What will happen if someone thinks those marigold greens are weeds and pulls them all. I leave this up to you to decide. For me the risk is worth it. Hang this wood sign proudly and watch the work get done!

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Your wood plaque is approx. 12″ x 5″ and comes ready to hang with jute twine. If you would prefer, the twine may be replaced with coiled rusty wire for a more rustic, primitive look.