What am I doing when not painting signs etc.....

Posted by Brenda Borowski on

I typically am painting or designing wood signs, stepping stones or making a wreath or two every day....however sometimes my Husband, Jeff and I sneak out and drive these wonderful back roads and do a little exploring. We decided to do this last week after a bit of a warm up here in central Vermont...we ventured out on one of our familiar dirt roads after taking a really cool pic of the falls that were raging because of the thaw. Well...this turned into an adventure and a half and also a bit of a rescue mission.  The road we chose is a well traveled dirt road,a bit of a shortcut off the beaten path, pretter scenery and more adventurous. Once we hit the road we noticed it seemed a bit "soft" and well muddy. Normally we would turn around after going through our first set of really deep ruts,but for some reason we soldiered on. Good thing, up ahead was a little white Volkswagon stuck in the deep, deep ruts in the middle of the road, wheels spinning and going nowhere. We pulled off on a side road and stopped to see what we could do. well it turns out, "we" could do nothing,she was stuck, stuck, stuck and her phone would not work. Luckily mine did,she called her roadside service and they told her they would put a rush on it as she was in the middle of the road.....well about 7 hours later,after the rain started again and night fell,after her calling her parents in New York and her boyfriend in Michigan, someone finally came to rescue her. Not the roadside service, but a young man with a very cool sounding garage name came barreling up that heavily rutted and swampy, muddy dirt road in a jeep truck with a tow strap (courtesy of her boyfriend in Michigan calling places all over the little town she was stuck in). He pulled her out, she parked on the side of the road and we took her to her home. We know now we were being guided to keep going up that soupy dirt road to lend a hand. It always feels good to help a soul and in turn you help your soul.....and we have made a sweet and special new friend.  What a day !  We are blessed!


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