The Eggman

Posted by Brenda Borowski on

  I have to admit... I really never paid a huge amount of attention to the chickens/roosters. It seems however that the craze for these amazing creatures continues. I do admit that even though we had a "egg man"  who delivered a couple dozen eggs to us every week as I was growing up. I remember seeing the empty egg cartons on the Formica kitchen tale and the couple dollars tucked into them and the familiar. "Morning" as the egg man came into our kitchen, took the empties and left a couple dozen more. This was standard back in the day. The kitchen door was left open, the egg man and the milkman would come and go. 

   I never really thought about where our eggs or milk came from.... they appeared on the front steps(milk) or the kitchen table (eggs), but as I have grown a lot older, I know of course where we get them!  I now live in a rural area and see lots of chickens running around and of course those beautiful cows eating, eating, eating in the fields.

   The chicken craze is real as I have ,as a wood sign maker...made many, many signs for the coops and parents of these little "Cluckers"

  Please feel free to wander the shop and see what I have to offer...and here is to a simpler time when we could leave the kitchen door open and hear "Morning!" What a great way to start your day!


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